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Happy New year 2023 From Lifewave

A New Years Resolution With Lifewave Patches

Lifewave Patches for a New Year’s resolution

Well, that time of year has come again, the time of year when we pass into the next one with hopes and dreams of a better life & wonderful things ahead. More often than not the idea of a better body springs to mind for obvious reasons. We have just gotten through Christmas and most of us have added a few extra Christmas puds to the midsection along our merry way. Telling ourselves the whole time I won’t eat too much this Christmas, I will do more exercise this Christmas in the hopes of offsetting any extra calories but we didn’t quite make it through did we? Nope, the mince pies, cookies, snacks, sherry trifle, fresh cream & all that chocolate we got gifted had to be eaten to maintain the Christmas spirit. As well as the mulled wine, beer & the odd glass of Baileys, or your favorite tipple just to be cheery. Then we finally finish ourselves off on New Year’s Eve with one too many drinks and probably even more food we don’t really need to eat only to be left feeling even worse than before. So now it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution with Lifewave patches.

New Year, New You with Lifewave

So now that we have gone into the New Year, it’s time to get moving in the right direction. What’s next, where do you start you might be asking yourself?  Well, I’m happy I can be here to help you on this journey & how I believe Lifewave can change your life for the better in 2023. I’m going to give you some help and advice on how you can best use the Lifewave patches most effectively to improve your physique & overall health for the year ahead.

Which Lifewave patches to use?

You’re going to need to know which patches to use and when and what combination is best. This can be a little overwhelming for somebody who has never used any Lifewave patches before so I’m going to break it down for you in quick easy to read segments.

Lifewave Glutathione patch for detox

First of all, I’m going to recommend you start with the Lifewave Glutathione patch, this will start the detox process, rid your body of any toxins & get you ready for the next steps. Use the Glutathione patch each day for 4 weeks, and drink plenty of good quality clean water. Also, clean up your food and drink intake by cutting out all the junk food and processed foods & eliminate all sugary beverages and alcohol. This first step alone will help you to drop pounds, you can read more about Glutathione here and here to get a better understanding of what it does and how it helps.

Time to start a diet with help from the Lifewave SP6 patch

Now, you want to decide what type of diet you are going to eat. For me, it’s always keto as that’s what works best for me through many years of trial and error.

Next, I suggest that you use the Lifewave SP6 complete patch, this will help reduce cravings, especially sugar cravings & keep you on track while starting out on your diet. I find as do most people the first few weeks of any diet are the hardest, this is when your willpower is most tested and it’s the most difficult period trying to kick old eating habits. Once you get through these first few weeks, things always start to get easier. Use the SP6 patches as and when you need them, like when your willpower is being tested for example and you feel like eating that donut or piece of cake. This is when you will find the SP6 patch most beneficial & helpful.

Exercise is key to success, use the Lifewave X49 patch.

Now that you have your diet under control and if you haven’t already started it is time for some exercise. You should choose the type of exercise that suits you best, some people like running for example while others prefer to swim or walk but what we can agree on is just keep moving. Also, it’s dependent on your current fitness level and health, you should always speak to your doctor & have a health check first to ensure your doing the right type of exercise to match your current health status & fitness levels. For some, it will be light cardio like a brisk walk for others it might be a full-on super intense 2 hr session in the gym.

Doing some type of resistance exercise like weight training is almost always beneficial to almost everyone as long as you are fit and able to do so. Adding even small amounts of muscle to your frame will increase your metabolism at rest so you actually burn more fat while sitting on the sofa. Also, you want to be burning fat and changing your body composition for the better with some type of cardio to go with the weight training.

This is where the Lifewave X49 patch comes into play, this patch has been clinically proven to help burn fat when used with diet and exercise, increase muscle by boosting strength and stamina and support the cardiovascular system so while you’re exercising the X49 patch will be working to raise your AHK-Cu copper peptide levels and maximize all the hard work you are doing in and out of the gym.

Time for a boost with the Lifewave Energy Enhancer patch

This is a patch you can use as and when needed, most often it’s used right before a workout to ensure you have the energy levels to get through even the toughest of sessions. Not everyone needs to use these however but those of you that suffer from low energy levels especially early on your journey as your body is changing will find these helpful. Also, some people welcome the energy boost first thing in the morning instead of or as well as a coffee as the caffeine eventually wears off, the energy enhancer patch just keeps on working naturally as its taps into your own body’s energy source using the power of phototherapy keeping you energized all day long.

Longevity and youthfulness with the Lifewave X39 patch

Now that you are on your health journey to a better healthier version of yourself, why not also strive for a younger more youthful version of yourself? That’s where the x39 patch comes into its own, this is the patch you will want to use each and every day to regain your youth and vitality.

Using the Lifewave X39 patch daily will re-activate your body’s own stem cells and reset them to a younger, healthier state. You will experience more energy and vitality like when you were young, you will sleep better and have better mental clarity when you are awake. You will notice an improved skin appearance when you look in the mirror. If you suffer pain and inflammation, this will be reduced with reports of rapid pain relief by some users. X39 also supports faster wound healing like when you were a kid, remember the cuts and bruises would be gone and forgotten about but as we age they tend to linger making you wonder when that bruise will go away. For active people, sports people, and those that regularly use the gym, you will find enhancements in sports performance and faster recovery times.

Overall you will just feel a better version of yourself and ultimately be happier & healthier. You can read more about the X39 patch all over the website and a very interesting article about Dr Melinda Conner is here to read.

Time to shine

So what are you waiting for, certainly not next Christmas? Take the bull by the horns as they say and let’s get going. The only person who can do this is you! This is your time to shine and make 2023 your best year with Lifewave.


Happy New Year and Best Wishes

Paul McCabe