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We all have stem cells in our body that work to create new cells but as we age, our stem cells start to lose their ability to heal & renew our bodies. Just imagine for a minute that we could re-activate our stem cells and reset them to a younger, healthier state? Imagine what this could do for us & the possibilities? This would be an anti-aging & healing miracle.

Well, we did it!

The LifeWave X39™ patch does this in a completely safe & non-invasive, cost-effective way. It has been clinically proven & backed by over 20 years of research & development. The LifeWave X39™ patch has been demonstrated through multiple clinical studies to provide an abundance of health benefits & a level of vitality & youthfulness that you have not experienced since you were young.

  • Activate your stem cells to a younger more youthful state.
  • Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a copper peptide clinically proven to enhance stem cell activity
  • Some of the benefits from the LifeWave X39™ patches include, faster wound healing, improved sports performance, rapid pain relief, more energy, better sleep & improved skin – It really must be experienced to be believed.

Contains (1) LifeWave X39™ sleeve with 30 patches.

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What is Lifewave X39?

You have probably heard of stem cells & stem cell research, right? You may have read how stem cells can repair & rejuvenate your body, kind of like the fountain of youth but are only for the rich & famous. Well, you would be right, stem cells & stem cell research, are at the forefront of anti-aging technology & you would be right in thinking that only the rich and famous have access to this fountain of youth & why is that?

Well, I’ll tell you why……..cost!

Quite simply it’s down to how much it costs to have stem cell therapy & not just the cost but also the safety aspect. The companies involved in the field of stem cell therapy, take the stem cells from a younger donor & inject those stem cells into an older donor recipient.  This is a promising technology in the anti-aging sector but the problem is that not only is this potentially dangerous due to uncontrolled cell division, but it’s also extremely costly with costs in excess of $ 10,000 for a single treatment. Not only that but it’s illegal in most countries as they have not approved stem cell therapy.

What can we do?

So is there a way to reset our own stem cells in a safe, natural & inexpensive way without all the cost and worry that’s involved with the current stem cell research & technology? A way to get our own stem cells to start acting like younger healthier cells? The answer to that question is YES, there is & its called X39 from Lifewave. This technology represents a completely new level of youthfulness & vitality. You will have improvements to your energy, improvements in sports performance, better deeper sleep, a reduction in pain, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and faster wound healing, just to name a few of the benefits that X39 can give you.

So this asks the question, ” what is lifewave X39 & how does it work?”

The LifeWave X39 patch is the first product that has ever been designed to activate your body’s own production of stem cells.  How does X39 do this you may ask? It does this through Lifewaves proprietary and patented form of a technology called phototherapy. X39 elevates a copper peptide in the body called GHK-Cu.  This is a naturally occurring peptide found in your body & this peptide most importantly significantly declines with age.  After the age of 60, your levels of GHK-Cu in the body have dropped by more than 60% and as a result, the stem cells in your body become less and less effective as we age.  What happens is, by the time we reach 60, our stem cells show very little activity, becoming slower and slower and releasing fewer growth factors that are needed to repair our bodies. By the time we have reached our mid-70’s we are showing almost zero stem cell activity. This is why older people take longer to heal from injuries & longer recovery time after operations.

GHK-Cu is important

So you can see how important levels of GHK-Cu are in the body as we age. There have been years of research to back up this science & independent third-party clinical studies on GHK-Cu have determined some amazing & remarkable benefits, including the support of the body’s natural wound healing process.  Perhaps what’s even more remarkable is GHK-Cu has been found to reset the genes in the body to a younger healthier state. In initial clinical research performed by Dr. Loren Pickarts, she discovered that when old liver cells are exposed to GHK-Cu, they started to function like younger healthier cells.  In fact, there has been over 20 years of research in this field of regenerative science with the CEO of Lifewave & inventor David Schmidt at the forefront of this research.

Lifewave research and development

For over 15 years, David Schmidt and his research team at LifeWave in San Diego California have been investigating many new methods for dramatically accelerating the way in which the human body heals itself after injury. These discoveries and inventions created by David and his team of scientists have led to more than 70 global patents in the field of regenerative science.  Some of these inventions have been so groundbreaking that in initial trials done with flatworms (a biological stem cell model) they showed a phenomenal 90% improvement in the speed of wound healing. After years of research, further studies done with animals and humans showed the activity of stem cells could be enhanced. This proved both animals and humans could heal much faster as compared to no therapy being applied. The result of all these years of research is Lifewave X39.


Benefits with X39 can be immediate!

Unlike most products, LifeWave X39™ goes to work the minute you apply it.

X39 Supports Wound Healing

Some of the most dramatic testimonials for X39 have been in the area of wound healing. Wound healing is of course a natural process and requires the presence of stem cells. As we age, we now know our stem cells become less effective. Now, with X39, you can activate your stem cells and support your body’s natural healing process.

Clinical research has shown that after using X39 for only 6 weeks, the vascular system behaves as if it had become over 2 months younger!

Rapid Pain Relief

X39 users have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain.  In fact, most people experience a reduction in the sensation of pain and inflammation within minutes of application.

Greater Energy

Clinical studies performed by LifeWave shows that the X39 patch also improves a person’s energy levels. The results when compared to the baseline, see the improvement in the overall energy of the body, organ balance, and L/R symmetry distribution of energy.

Clinical research shows that the longer you use X39, the more benefits you receive. A study performed using Bio-Well technology shows that people who use X39 for 6 weeks have nearly double the improvements in energy when compared to using X39 for 3 weeks.

Sleep Benefits

Clinical studies performed by LifeWave show that X39 improves the quality of sleep by altering levels of GABA, an important neurotransmitter in the brain.  The benefit is a natural improvement in your quality and duration of sleep, a deeper sleep also aids in body repair & rejuvenation as that’s when it all happens, when your sleeping.

Improved Skin Appearance

Would you like to not only feel younger but look younger as well?  Well of course you do, now you can with X39.  An important part of activating stem cells is increasing the production of collagen.  The result is that only a few weeks after applying X39 your skin will start to experience a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dramatic Anti-Aging

Initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, it was shown that when GHK-Cu is elevated in the body, we can see that cells start to behave like younger, healthier cells. Essentially helping to restore our cells to a younger healthier state.

Faster Recovery from Exercise & Improved Sports Performance

Users of X39 report significant improvements in their sports performance and recovery. As stem cells are designed to repair damaged cells, this is not surprising at all & can help in all sports.

Reduction in the Appearance of Scars

Many users of X39 report that after several weeks of using the product, they notice a reduction in the appearance of scars. This is a well-known attribute of elevating copper peptide known as remodeling.

For more information on how X39 works and to read further clinical studies read here.


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  1. Antoniowearf

    Some other reasons to buy LifeWave patches include: Detoxification A drug-free way to enhance the length and quality of sleep Stress reduction Anti-ageing Controlling appetite A stimulant-free way to boost energy during the day Why Buy LifeWave Patches? Because they work.

  2. Antoniowearf

    Lifewave patches are an easy and effective way to harness the power of phototherapy low level light therapy to stimulate specific biological responses and get you feeling your best. These Lifewave patches are used by acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners as well as Olympic and professional athletes, and people like you who are looking to find more natural ways of promoting health and healing. This stimulated change could be to decrease pain , reduce inflammation, strengthen and stimulate your immune system, improve digestion, inhibit appetite, decrease anxiety or improve mood, even promote stem cell production.

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    I’m no sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this information for my mission.

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