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Lifewave Glutathione Patch

Lifewave Glutathione Patch For Weight Loss?

Can You Use The Lifewave Glutathione Patch for Weight Loss?

Well, that’s a question I hadn’t thought of asking about glutathione patches while using them as part of my weight loss strategy “Lifewave Glutathione Patch For Weight Loss?” I never thought of them as a weight loss product but more of a detox product, but if using Lifewave patches has taught me anything over the years, it’s this. Don’t be surprised by anything that Lifewave gives you, this amazing technology is the gift that keeps on giving so if you want to treat yourself this Christmas then go on and be a little selfish. Treat yourself to some Lifewave patches & give yourself the gift of health, read on to find out why you should.

The Weight Loss Journey

Let me explain exactly what happened to me while using the glutathione patches. Since the start of September I’ve been on a weight loss journey, you can read more about that here in the previous article about Lifewave SP6 complete patch. I started a keto diet and the only supplements I’m using are Lifewave patches. I have Lifewave X39, SP6 Complete, CarnosineX49, and Glutathione patches currently in use.

Weight loss Slows Down While dieting

At the start of my dieting, I didn’t use any patches at all for the first couple of weeks as I know from experience your body doesn’t really need any help at the beginning of a diet or lifestyle change because the results are normally quite dramatic early on due the big changes you are making. For example, you cut out the bad fats & carbs, you lose weight quite quickly, or you introduce exercise or even high-intensity exercise and you will see big results fast. What happens though is as the body gets used to this lifestyle change it starts to adapt thinking this is the new norm and the progress slows down. Your body doesn’t want to lose weight, it wants to keep hold of the extra fat in case of an emergency like a lack of food. It hasn’t really evolved in modern times as we hope. Your body is still very primitive in nature, storing body fat to stay alive just in case, it doesn’t know most of us can pop down the shop for food. So as time goes on the dieting slows down to a crawl and you have to keep cutting calories and increasing the exercise to keep the pounds dropping off.

Not Too Much Weight Loss

So for me, I lost a substantial amount of weight in the first few weeks of keto, probably some water weight and glucose from my muscles due to the lack of carbs in my diet but then it slowed down. So I used the Carnosine patch in the first couple of weeks to keep my strength up during workouts & the SP6 patch to help reduce sugar cravings. I was losing approx 1-2 lbs per week at this point and all was good, this is a healthy weight loss and the number you should be aiming for so as not to lose too much muscle during dieting. I then went onto X49 for a week and lost a further 1 lb, but then I thought to myself, I really should detox before using X49 to help mobilize the fat ready for further fat burning as that’s what X49 does helps to burn fat, what happened next is what shocked me the most.

So What Actually Happened While Using Glutathione Patches?

I used the glutathione patch exclusively for one week only and nothing else. I didn’t change my diet and I didn’t up my exercise and guess what happened? I lost 4 lbs in one week. Yes, you read that right, 4 lbs in one week without changing anything other than using the Lifewave glutathione patch. Now bearing in mind this is now approx two and a half months into my diet, losing this much in 1 week is crazy for me to lose that much at this stage. So much so I was even slightly concerned about the drastic weight loss in a short space of time. I double checked my Noerden app and analyzed my body stats, I had lost weight but the lean mass stayed the same and the body fat stayed the same, hydration was the same and so was bone mass so where had 4 lbs gone? I even checked on a set of old analog scales and sure enough, it was definitely 4 lbs lost.  Then I thought hard about it, it could only be some sort of detox I had gone through & come to think about it I was extremely thirsty that week more than normal and went to the toilet a whole lot more. So there you have it a detox in the middle of a diet right when things are normally slowing down. I still can’t quite get my head around losing 4 lbs in one week though but it happened and the only explanation is it was 4 lbs of toxins and stuff my body didn’t want. This week I’m back to normal losing 1-2 lb per week so I’m happy and grateful things are still going well. I’m going to be using glutathione patches again after Christmas as no doubt I’ll need a detox afterward, although I am planning on keeping it clean this holiday season so as not to undo all the work I’ve just done.

The Results so far

Twenty pounds of weight loss in just over 2.5 months, all this with a combination of the keto diet and Livewave patches. I’m extremely happy with my progress so far and it feels good to be able to recommend a set of products such as the Lifewave patches that I’ve actually tried and tested myself with good results. So if you would like to try Lifewave for yourself then give it a go, Lifewave even gives you a money-back guarantee if you find on the rare occasion they didn’t work for you.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays

–  Paul McCabe


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