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Lifewave X39 Patch - How Lifewave X39 Works

Lifewave X39 – How Does it Work?

How does Lifewave X39 work?

Let’s start with the technology of Lifewave X39 & how does it work. The Lifewave X39 patch & all Lifewave patches use a technology called phototherapy which is also known as bio modulation. This works by placing the patch on the surface of the skin in any chosen location but there are two recommended for convenience (see here for more info on usage & placement of x39). The patch is then activated by body heat, which is a form of energy, specifically infrared light. This then reflects very specific wavelengths of light which will stimulate the surface of the skin & this stimulates the nerves. When the nerves are stimulated it sends a signal through the body which will stimulate a very specific bio chemical change. This is the same way ultraviolet light from the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D. Each different Lifewave patch is designed to reflect different wavelengths of light. The Lifewave X39 patch through the process of bio modulation activates a copper peptide in the body called GHK-Cu. It is this particular peptide that activates stem cells in the body. This is especially important as we age, this is because as we age the body produces less and less stem cells.

What are the Benefits of Lifewave X39?

The Lifewave X39 patch starts to work right away & people using it will experience an immediate elevation of antioxidants & a decrease in inflammation. This will gives you an increase in energy levels, a reduction of any pain you may have & a general feeling of wellbeing. The other benefits you may feel are better sleep & less fatigue throughout the day due to an increase in cellular energy. Many people will feel this in the first few days of using the x39 patch. One of the benefits most reported by users of X39 is the dramatic pain relief people have from all manner of pain like migraine headaches, knee pain and backache etc.

X39 Anti-aging effects

Another very welcome benefits of using Lifewave X39 is the anti-aging effects that people get like a reduction in wrinkles, this is not immediate but takes place over 4-12 weeks while using the X39 patch. Activating stem cells leads to an increase in collagen production that decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. X39 has a very powerful anti-aging effect.

X39 Improves Sports Performance

Users of all ages report increased sports performance and especially people over 50, they say they feel like they did in their 20s. X39 improves both sports performance and recovery after exercise. It does this, due to the increase in stem cells production. One of the things that stem cells do is repair damage to the body by going to the site of injury and repair that injury. When we go to the gym and workout with weights, the actual goal is to damage the muscle tissue so it can repair itself stronger than before this is called hypertrophy. So it makes a lot of sense that when X39 stimulates the production of stem cells, these stem cells then go on to repair the damaged muscle fibres giving you faster recovery and in turn faster results.

Hair Growth with X39

Clinical research has shown that activating stem cells in the scalp leads to increased hair growth. We have anecdotal reports from male users who have experienced this first hand so yet another benefit that even we didn’t expect.

Reduction of Scars using X39

Another amazing benefits of using X39 is the visible reduction of scars due to a process called remodelling which is triggered by the activation of stem cells in the skin, part of this is the increase in collagen production that we talked about earlier.

Faster Wound Healing with X39

One of the most dramatic benefits we have seen is with the rapid wound healing of users wearing the X39 patch. Clinical research has proven the stem cells elevate production of growth factors leading to a dramatic increase in wound healing. This is a natural process in the body but as we age, especially over the age of 60 the production of stem cells slows down decreasing the natural healing process. Use of the Lifewave X39 patch will activate the increased production of stem cells & improve the wound healing in older people & help to support the natural healing process of the body. In a way it’s like turning back the clock to your younger days. We can all remember falling over as a kids & before we knew it our injury had healed.

Youth Renewal with Lifewave X39

Youth renewal is part of who we are as a company & X39 is at the forefront of this. What is youth renewal & what do we mean? X39 elevates a compound in the body that has been proven to rewrite thousands of genes in the DNA to a younger state. In the body we have around 18-19 thousand genes in the body that encode for proteins & as we age we start to lose access to this information, its a process genetically called hypermethylation. What this means is we no longer have access to information in our bodies that we did have access to when we were younger.  The X39 changes this, there will be thousands of genes that will be reset to a younger healthier state while using X39. The result is more vitality and a healthier life in general.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Lifewave X39 here today and start living a happier, healthier youthful life 🙂