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Lifewave X39 Patch

Lifewave X39 Review – Faster Wound Healing

Lifewave X39 stem cell patch for faster wound healing.

How did I find this out you may ask, how did I discover faster wound healing using x39 & how have I found myself writing yet another lifewave X39 review? Well, it was a series of unfortunate events that lead to my own experience with X39. I was in the shower at my home, when I looked up at the shower screen to see the plastic fixture at the top had started to crack. I thought to myself, I must look at that later on in case it falls off. So around 30 secs later, I’m drying myself & about to get out of the shower, when all of a sudden there’s a very loud bang behind me and pure shock as the glass shower screen hit the wall & exploded all over me! I felt a hot pain over my back & shoulders as I was literally showered in shards of glass & glass splinters. I stood there for a couple of seconds in shock at what had happened, to realise I was in a spot of trouble. It was like a glass bomb had gone off hitting me with glass shrapnel & it was in my hair, back, shoulders, arms, feet legs, everywhere!

So I climb out of the bath gingerly trying to avoid any more glass but it was just stuck in me all over my body & even moving was hurting, the glass was all over the place. I finally managed to limp out of the bathroom to my very scared looking girlfriend who was also in complete shock because of the loud bang. I can only imagine what was going through her mind when she heard the noise & then seen the aftermath of blood & glass. I think she was more distraught than me at that point. Anyway, she grabbed a fresh towel, one not covered in glass for me to stand on. We analyzed my wounds & luckily for me the only bad one was on my arm, it was quite a nasty deep double gash as some glass had sliced through the top of my forearm. The rest were cuts & scratches on most of the back of my body & a few pieces of glass stuck in me & hundreds of glass splinters. My arm was bleeding pretty badly & looked to have needed stitches so I thought a hospital visit might be needed. We stopped the bleeding by using the 2.5 ph spray (hypochlorous acid) from my Kangen machine as nothing else had worked at that point.

Then came the cleanup……….kinda the worst part for me, how does one remove glass splinters without causing more pain & suffering? My girlfriend thought the hoover might be a good option…………NOoooooooo……….STOP, STOP! All that did was push the splinters in even more & drag others across my skin & it felt like fire. So I had the best idea but it meant I had to stand there & wait while she cleaned up the glass from the bathroom & out of the bath so I could shower off all the glass, this worked perfectly.

Time for the X39 miracle.

Now I was nice and dry & glass free, my first thought was to apply a lifewave X39 patch which I did immediately. This is where the miracle started to happen & I became even more of a believer in this amazing technology. Before my very eyes, I could actually see the wound closing up over the next couple of hours to the point of no longer needing stitches. Never before I have I seen such a deep wound heal so fast, if you had seen it when it happened you would have said that needs stitches for sure. It had cut right through the flesh like a knife through butter & was fully open. By the very next day, it had covered over & joined back up on the way to healing up nicely. Weeks later all I’m left with is two small pink scars to remind me of what was there before and even the scars are only small. I fully expect over the next few months the scars will eventually disappear even more as X39 is also supposed to help with scarring.

It’s only when you experience these things for yourself that you can truly believe in a product, you read all these testimonials all over the internet but in the back of your mind, you are still not convinced until you personally get results. So instead of wondering about my testimonial, why don’t you try lifewave x39 for yourself so you can have your own testimonial to share?  Hopefully, you never have to go through what I did with the exploding glass shower screen to get your results.

Paul McCabe