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lifewave x39 and energy enhancer combined a powerful combination

Lifewave Review – X39 & Energy Enhancer Patches Are a Powerful Combination.

Lifewave X39 & energy enhancer patches when combined are a very powerful combination!

Here’s my own personal Lifewave testimonial.

For the first time, I tried both the Lifewave X39 & Lifewave energy enhancer together & it blew my mind……literally. I normally only use the energy enhancer patches when I’m working out & going to the gym, I used to use a strong cup of coffee for a boost before hitting the gym but switched to energy enhancer patches as I get no side effects like I do when I drink coffee late on in the day. X39 is used daily as my anti-aging strategy to beat the wrinkles and keep my body young as my mind is still only 21 & I really don’t want to age.

So I woke up late this one morning as I got disturbed by the cat around 4 am & I’m no early bird so it knocked me out of my sleep pattern. I got up, grabbed a fresh cup of coffee & a shower then put on my X39 as normal. I then thought to myself, I wonder if the energy enhancer patches along with X39 will give me a welcome boost. I had never experimented like this before so I gave it a go, before long I found myself standing there talking to my girlfriend like I was on some kind of crazy drug! I think at this point her ears were on fire when I realised how stimulated I felt but……….all this with no extra coffee, no stimulants, or drugs!

My mind was racing, my body was alive & all I had planned to do that day was to sit down on my laptop & write a blog post on X39. I had never expected to feel so full of energy with such mental clarity………..then it came to me, I have to share this little experience & I found myself writing this post instead of the one I was going to write. For now though I have decided to put the energy enhancer patches back in my gym bag, I don’t feel the need for this much energy while sitting down to write, although I did do a quick home workout before writing this so it kinda worked out for the best & I got some inspiration along the way.

What this has shown me, is to experiment even more with the Lifewave patches.

If I need a massive boost, it’s X39 & energy enhancer together all the way. I’m actually looking forward to trying some more Lifewave patch combinations. So give it a go yourself, you never know you might get supercharged like me.

– Paul McCabe


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