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Lifewave X39 For Younger Looking Skin or Botox?

Lifewave X39 for anti-aging or Botox?

Now this is a great question, isn’t it? So what inspired this question in the first place? Lifewave x39 for younger looking skin or botox? I’ll tell you what inspired me to write this article or X39 review if you want to call it a review. As a regular user of X39, I had had a couple of months off from using X39 after a 6 month on cycle. I was down at a friend’s garage one morning when one of his mechanics said to me “What have you been doing, you look glowing?” I took the compliment as a friendly comment & thought no more of it and off I went back home.

Now comes the really interesting part of this Lifewave X39 review.

Later that day I was making lunch when the doorbell rang & it was one of my girlfriend’s friends popping in for a coffee. I just left them to get on with the usual girly chit chat when I got called back out to the kitchen & was asked for some advice about diets & weight training as this particular lady had recently started the gym. Luckily for her, I have a background in health and fitness for the last 27 years so was able to offer some useful advice. As we were chatting we realised we were the same age of 44 years old and as the conversation grew we got onto the subject of skin. Then out of the blue, she asked me “Have you had Botox?” Never even considering Botox as I’m scared of needles & the side effects of it, I told her no chance of that, but she did not believe me and asked me to smile to prove it, which of course I did. At this point, she was in awe and asked me outright “What the hell have you been doing then, you don’t have one wrinkle of your face & you’re the same age as me?” At this point, I had to mention X39 as I realised that this was no coincidence that on the very same day two people had commented on how good my skin looked & how I certainly didn’t look my age.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s a big win for Lifewave X39 & a great testimonial to share.

Not only is it cheaper than Botox but also much safer with no side effects like muscle mass loss in your facial muscles. let’s be honest here, who wants that? The big side effect of muscle mass loss in your face over time is going to be saggy skin. So in fact Botox over the long term can cause premature aging, quite the opposite of the desired result don’t you think? Also, X39 is non-invasive with no needles or poisonous toxins being pumped into your skin, unlike Botox & I can still smile without looking like a Ken doll.

So ditch the expensive & potentially dangerous Botox & give Lifewave X39 a try today, we are so confident that you will have positive results Lifewave offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase it HERE. What have you got to lose? Or maybe you should be asking what do you have to gain?

– Paul McCabe