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Lifewave SP6 Patch Benefits – Does It Reduce Food Cravings?

Lifewave SP6 Patch Review – Does it Really Help to Lose Weight?

Well yes, it does help to reduce food cravings and lose weight, how do I know you may ask? Because I tried the SP6 Complete patch for the first time a couple of months back & I was very happy with the results. As someone that has led a predominantly healthy lifestyle, I found it difficult during the pandemic to stick to healthy eating and regular workouts. One big reason was that they locked us down in our homes & closed all the gyms, this had a detrimental effect on me as for over 30 years I have had the benefit of natural endorphins from going to the gym multiple times a week. I found myself comfort eating for the first time, something I had never done before, and like most people during the lockdowns, I was also having a hard time with my mental health. In the past when life had presented challenges, my go too place was the gym. For me, it’s always been my natural anti-depressant, the rush of endorphins always lifted my spirits but without these endorphins, everyday life was a real challenge. The result was me eating way more junk food than normal, getting sugar-addicted & not doing much exercise to burn off the excess calories. Of course, I went out for my daily walk & did press-ups etc, I used some light dumbells I had in the house but this could not replace the intense workouts that I was used to. Quite frankly I didn’t even feel like doing any of that, and as the weight went on I felt even worse and the vicious cycle had begun.

Then I lost my father in the middle of the pandemic, which really hit me hard & I was at my lowest point, then the next day I caught covid, you honestly couldn’t make this up. Months went by and I realised I had long covid and my fitness had taken another downward spiral. Things were going from bad to worse, I was struggling to deal with the loss of my father while trying to recover from covid, my health was at an all time low, I was in the worst shape of my life & I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without catching my breath. I had gone from a happy healthy positive person, in pretty good shape to an overweight depressed, low vibe person who couldn’t see a way forward. Something had to change & it would start with getting my health back.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body, time to listen.

I had to first focus on cleaning up my diet, which might sound simple and in fact, it used to be easy for me to do but not this time. Trying to cut out the heavy carbs and sugary foods was not so easy, I had become addicted to eating all the worst kinds of foods to make me feel better, which they did for a few minutes until afterward, I felt sick and lethargic. Chomping down on a donut or two or a whole packet of biscuits with a cup of tea while watching Netflix seemed like the answer at the time but the reflux indigestion would tell me otherwise or the fact that I fell asleep at 8 pm watching my favorite show, indicated my body was not happy with the way things were. Also the fact that I wasn’t only binge eating, I was also binge watching which isn’t good for the mind or the body.

Lifewave SP6 Complete Patch is great to kickstart a keto diet.

So I made the decision to start a keto diet as that’s what has always worked for me in the past. For years this tried and tested method always gave me results and I personally believe it’s the easiest diet or lifestyle choice to maintain but the hard part is getting into ketosis which essentially means, eating very low carbs to force your body to turn fat into ketones for energy instead of using glucose. This is the most challenging part of a keto diet, especially if you have been on a carb heavy, high sugar diet for a long time. I tried and failed to get started on multiple occasions, I just couldn’t resist the lure of the foods I had grown to associate with comfort, don’t forget I wasn’t getting the usual endorphin rush I had grown accustomed to for over 30 years of my life. So what was I to do, my mental discipline was also not what it once was, I needed help. I turned to Lifewave for a solution and that solution was the SP6 patch. To be honest I think it’s one of Lifewave’s most overlooked patches and I was guilty of this too. For me, it was because in previous years I had seen no need for a Lifewave patch such as this in my lifestyle. I have used the X39 patch, Energy enhancer and Carnosine patches as those served me well in training & anti-aging therapy but I had never needed to control my appetite and food cravings before but now I did, desperately.

Trust in the science of Lifewave’s wearable technology.

So I put on a SP6 patch and waited to see what would happen, you see even though I’m an avid Lifewave user, I still had my doubts about this particular patch but I shouldn’t have, I should have known better. I should have trusted CEO/inventor David Schmidt for such amazing wearable technology & the science behind it. Hallelujah, It worked, by the end of the day I had not eaten one single bad food item, and more importantly, I had not eaten any carbs or sugary food. I had started my keto journey and all thanks to the SP6 patch, it had enabled me to stop my craving for sugary carbs and get into ketosis rather quickly and the journey was so much easier thanks to this amazing little patch. That was approximately 2 months ago now and to date, I have lost 14 pounds of fat. I use a set of scales called Noerden MINIMI Bluetooth smart scales. They measure not just the weight you lose but the type of weight, so by using these I know that the 14Ibs I lost is fat and not lean mass as my body fat has decreased and my lean mass has increased so I know I’m going in the right direction. You see weight is only a guide to what’s happening, if you lose the wrong type of weight like lean muscle then you can end up worse off than you began as your metabolism will be slower. The more lean mass/muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest so it’s essential to maintain as much lean muscle as possible during dieting. This is where the newest product from Lifewave can also help, the X49 patch helps support fat loss, and cardiovascular health as well as build muscle. My X49 patches have just arrived so I’ll be using my Lifewave X49 patches very soon.

So if you are struggling to curb the sugary cravings & are looking to start a healthier lifestyle and diet change, why don’t you give Lifewave SP6 Complete Then follow that up with Lifewave X49 to optimize body composition once you have your diet under control.

Good luck on your journey!

Paul McCabe


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