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Lifewave Energy Enhancer patch Vs Energy drinks!

Lifewave Energy Enhancer Patch vs Energy Drinks

Lifewave energy enhancer patch or energy drink?

This is a question you may come across from time to time or may have even asked this question yourself. It’s a good question indeed as the readiness of energy drinks is very high with them being sold in nearly every convenience store, supermarket and shop you can think of. Also they not to0 expensive when it comes to monetary cost but at what cost to your health? Is cheaper and more convienient always better? The simple answer is no it isn’t, well not when it comes to your health as energy drinks are simply bad for your health.

Why are energy drinks bad?

These energy drinks are quite simply a quick fix to a bigger problem and in turn only make the problem worse, resulting in horrible side effects. The big problem people are having is a lack of energy, this can be due to many different things. It could be lack of sleep, like staying up too late which we call burning the candle at both ends, this never ends well and usually results in some type of burnout. Taking an energy drink is a quick fix that makes the situation worse as time goes on. You are artificially giving your body a boost of energy that it can’t sustain naturally and when that boost of energy is gone………what do you do next? You grab that next can of energy drink to top up again to get through the day, which in turn makes your body even more tired. This has a knock on effect later on down the line as all your body really needs is rest & then you have a massive crash in a kind of rinse and repeat scenario.

What’s in energy drinks?

Also think of the chemicals and stimulants in the drink itself, more often that not its loaded with sugar which also causes you to crash after the sugar rush has worn off and not to mention the damage the sugar is doing to your body, its raising your insulin sensitivity and causing increased inflammation which in turn speeds up the aging process. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what sugar does to you, then add in the caffeine. So not only is sugar addictive so is caffeine, now you have two addictions you didn’t even think about until you try to stop drinking the energy drinks. Too much caffeine can cause jitters, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and other symptoms. This has then aded to the whole problem in the first place as you will be so over stimulated that you will struggle to sleep, keeping the bad cycle going over and over. Also it’s not easy just to stop as the headaches can get worse and you find you need the caffeine just to stop your headache and give you the next energy boost and there you have it… addiction you didn’t see coming!

Why Energy enhancer patches?

Well to start with the Lifewave energy enhancer patch is all natural, using no stimulants, drugs or chemicals. It actually uses your bodies own energy source by tapping into it through acupressure points on the body giving you a natural energy boost that is sustainable and linear throughout the day. In fact the technology behind these patches was developed for the US military to give soldiers a natural boost without stimulants or side effects. You wear the patch as needed, usually on the inner wrist and you get a natural energy boost for up to 12 hrs and when you take the patch off, there is no crash or harsh side effects. Your body is still in a natural state and you will be able to sleep naturally ready for the next day. You wake fully refreshed with no side effects from stimulants like caffeine, no groggy feeling from too much sugar the day before as you would from the energy drinks. Now by using the energy enhancer patch you have broken the cycle of dependents on the sugar and caffeine in the energy drink and you are a much more natural state. Keep the energy enhancer patches on or around you and if you feel you have low energy or you need to hit the gym, pop on a Lifewave patch for a natural boost of energy.

In conclusion

Take control of your health, ditch the energy drinks for a more favourable natural approach and give the Lifewave energy enhancer patch a try, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel once you kick the sugar and caffeine addiction and your body and mind will thank you for it.